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Last year I was encouraged by a group of women that were making sure they were part of their family’s worlds… they wanted to be sure that their children would always know that they were there too by getting in the frame once a week for a year.  I jumped at the chance to challenge myself to join in.  As hard as it was to see myself each week, I also finally got to SEE myself.  I’ve struggled my whole life with feeling unworthy, unloveable, ugly, not enough.  Pushing myself to get in the frame, I was able to see myself through the eyes of the ones that love ME most… who see me as worthy, lovable, beautiful, enough.  It changed a mindset in me, almost from the beginning, and started a healing in my soul.  I treasure these gifts for my children… that now they will look at themselves with better eyes than I had for myself.  They will know they are beautiful and that self doubt is death to esteem. This project challenged me in so many ways and I am encouraged by the artistry it allowed me to create in the process.

I’ve only shared a few of my favorites from the year, but the last image is a collage of all 52 images I have for my children to keep… and my heart is full.

Head over and see what Chloe learned through this project!

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