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Why I Changed My Name | Ashley Nicole Photography {Columbia SC Family and Newborn Photographer}


Change isn’t easy, is it?  No one really likes change…. I mean, if something is working, why change?  Well, just because something is working, doesn’t mean that we have to settle.

When I first started my business back in 2011, I literally picked my name on a whim.  I had a blog called “Joyful Ramblings” about our family… when I decided to take on photography, Joyful Images seemed like a nice name for my small business.  I never in a million years expected it to become what it is today.  My dad always said my business would be big, but I never believed him… not for one second!  Well, dad, you were dreaming dreams for me that I couldn’t even fathom yet… thank you.

After just over 3 years, my business has gone from very part time with a handful of clients to full time with over 170 sessions in 2014!  In addition to growing my client base, my work has grown as well.  I’m very proud of this growth and that is why I’m choosing to make a change that reflects more of me… I see myself as an artist and really, I want my art to have my name on it.  That is why, after all this time, I am leaving Joyful Images behind and becoming Ashley Nicole Photography.

In the end, my clients choose me for me, right, not for a name.  My hope is that with this change, that one thing won’t!

Thank you to all of my loyal clients that have chosen me over and over again to capture their family’s memories.  I’m humbled and blessed by you beyond measure! Thank you!

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  • al nauck - What an inspiring and candid post! Excellent reasoning and well put. You’re only limitation will be what you place on yourself!!
    You go, girl!ReplyCancel

  • Ann Davis - Hi Ashley,
    I am looking into senior pictures for my daughter Kelsey, she will be graduating from USC this spring. Can you provide cost (sitting fee etc.) of having some photos taken on and around campus to memorialize her wonderful 4 years as a Gamecock!

    Thank you,

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